New site & Drakensbergs

New site & Drakensbergs
These are the mts from our village

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Final project

Hi all - I know it's been ages since I wrote a new post. When I first got here, it seemed more important to keep in touch with people back home.  Then I got more involved at site teaching English and math.  The initial Peace Corps commitment is for 2 years at your site but you are given an opportunity to "extend" for a third year. We decided to do that and I am really glad we did.  I feel that my impact will be longer lasting because of things I have been able to do this year.
 Several volunteers in our group raised money for projects here in South Africa from people back home.  Until recently I had not found a project I believed in enough to ask family, friends and strangers to support.  With less that 4 months of our third year to go, I have a project I would like to support financially but cannot give what is needed alone.  Below is a link to a site on Fundrazr, a website that hosts various campaigns to raise money.
The project is the completion of a drop-in center for orphans in our village.  Please check it out and give if you can - every dollar helps.
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